Daytona Beach Shores DUI Breath Test Machine Issues

Daytona Beach Shores recently had compliance issues with their Intoxilyzer 8000. A Daytona Beach Shores breath test machine recently failed two compliance tests. It also had issues on the third test but the breath test agency inspector determined that the problem was from a detached hose. The test was continued and despite initially failing the third test the machine was able to perform the last two cycles of the third test correctly. The cause of the problem was blamed on a loose air hose and was fixed with a zip tie. The disturbing issues that come from the public record are that the police are still performing do it yourself fixes on a highly sophisticated computerized machine to keep it running. The highest trained individual for the entire police department on the Intoxilyzer 8000 has to run the machine through three cycles before figuring out that a hose is loose. If the agency inspector has this much difficulty making sure everything is hooked up properly what happens on the day to day tests? It’s hard to tell what type of effect these things have on the machine. The state is unwilling to disclose the information on how the machine works. The police always have an excuse for why the machine is not working properly. Without the relevant information about how the machine works it is impossible to tell if it is a legitimate reason for a malfunction or a ruse. If you are arrested for a DUI you need a Daytona Beach DUI attorney who is trained on the breath test machine. Attorney Kevin J. Pitts has completed the breath test operator course and handles DUI cases in Volusia, Seminole and Orange County.
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