Let Us Explain Your Legal Options After a Daytona Beach Traffic Violation

In our busy world, it’s easy for drivers to get distracted, forget to renew their licenses, or make poor decisions when they get behind the wheel. You may not have realized you were even doing something wrong until flashing lights appeared in your rearview mirror—and now you’re not sure what to do to keep what happened from affecting the rest of your life. From speeding tickets to felony crimes, a traffic violation can hurt your ability to obtain employment, vote in elections, be approved for housing, own a gun, or avoid registration as a convicted felon.

Our Florida Law Firm Can Defend You After a Variety of Traffic Violations

In all traffic cases, there is the potential for dismissing or reducing the charges against you—but this can only be done by an experienced traffic attorney. Attorney Kevin J. Pitts can investigate whether your rights were violated, find potential defenses to each charge, and present your case in a way that mitigates the severity of the offense. To set up your consultation or ask us questions about your case, contact us in Daytona Beach at (386) 451-5112 or in Sanford at (407) 883-6853.

In addition to DUI offenses and criminal charges, our law firm fights for the rights of those who have been charged with traffic infractions such as:

  • Traffic tickets. Traffic tickets may seem like minor legal infractions, but the truth is that they can have serious consequences. If you admit to running a red light, failing to stay in your lane, making an improper U-turn, careless driving, or failing to obey a traffic control device, you could suffer points on your license and increase your insurance rates for years. Our law firm can challenge the citation or work to reduce penalties to minimize the cost of your citation.
  • Speed violations. In Florida, the penalties for speeding depend on the number of miles over the limit the driver is traveling. Tickets may be issued for any amount over the limit, while a ticket for 30 mph or over carries a mandatory court appearance. A tickets for 50 mph or more over the posted limit are classified as a moving violation, which can result in four points on your license if you are convicted. Our law firm knows the state statutes that restrict the admissibility of speed-based evidence, whether it is obtained using radar, laser, speedometer, or calculated using a stopwatch or timer.
  • No motorcycle endorsement. Both residents and visitors have options if they are charged with riding a motorcycle without an endorsement in Florida. This second-degree misdemeanor charge can result in up to 60 days in jail and six months of probation if you are convicted, but there are many things you can do to avoid these harsh penalties. In most cases, if you are able to obtain a valid motorcycle endorsement or show that your home state does not require a motorcycle endorsement, the case may be dismissed or the charges reduced.
  • License violations. Under Florida law, it is a crime to drive on a Florida highway without a valid driver’s license. This can include driving before a valid driver’s license has been obtained, but also driving while your license is expired, suspended, canceled, or revoked. Drivers can also be charged with a criminal offense for violating license restrictions, such as driving without wearing corrective glasses or younger drivers who carry passengers at night. Although the circumstances of the violation may vary, a charge of driving without a valid license can count as a strike toward making you a habitual traffic offender.
  • Reckless driving. Reckless driving is a second-degree misdemeanor traffic offense with mandatory court appearances. If you are convicted, you may be ordered to serve up to 90 days in jail with six months of probation, sustain four points on your license, shoulder the cost of investigation and prosecution, enroll in a driver improvement course, and pay a $500 fine—even if it is your first offense.
  • Fleeing and eluding. You can be charged with a crime if a police officer ordered you to stop and you deliberately refused or willfully fled in an attempt to elude the officer. Penalties for fleeing and eluding can be increased significantly if the incident involved a high-speed chase or reckless driving resulting in serious bodily injury to another person.
  • Hit and run. Leaving the scene of an accident is a serious violation that can include jail time, probation, fines, restitution, a criminal record, and loss of your driver’s license. If serious bodily injury or death occurs, a prison sentence is a realistic possibility. In addition to fighting the charge, we can look into negotiating for a reduction to a non-criminal traffic infraction, keep points off your driver’s license, and avoid a formal conviction. If the case is reduced to a civil traffic infraction, you will not have a criminal record and may only be required to attend a driver’s improvement class along and pay a fine.

Attorney Kevin J. Pitts will work toward negotiating the best possible resolution in your case so you can avoid a conviction and harsh criminal penalties. Whether we are able to make a deal with the prosecution or defeat the case to court, our firm will only act in your best interests. Contact us today through our easy online form or call us in Volusia County at (386) 451-5112 or in Seminole County at (407) 883-6853.