Daytona Beach Stop Sign Attorney Volusia County Stop Sign Lawyer

It is common for police departments to have what they like to refer to as crackdowns on a particular offense. Volusia County law enforcement agencies occasionally engage in this type of focused enforcement. We are all aware of DUI checkpoints, prostitution stings and speed traps but other offenses occasionally become the subject of an enhanced enforcement effort. A recent example of this in Volusia County was a passing stopped school buses crackdown on October 4, 2011. Volusia County Deputy Sheriff's issued ninety-three traffic tickets during a school bus safety operation on October 4, 2011.  Twenty-four of the tickets were issued to drivers who allegedly ran a school bus stop sign. Increased enforcement efforts can be a result of a real or perceived need. They can also be a mechanism to generate revenue. Either way enhanced enforcement efforts do occur. These efforts can create multiple other citations stemming from the initial stop. The increasing cost of traffic tickets can cause stress on personal finances. Individuals must resist the temptation to just pay the ticket to make it go away. Paying a ticket does not make it go away. In fact paying a traffic citation can increase your insurance cost for years. An accumulation of points can suspend your driver’s license. An experienced Daytona Beach traffic ticket attorney can negotiate or argue for a favorable resolution to your case.
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