Daytona Beach Vacation DUI Arrest

You decide to visit the Daytona Beach area for vacation and you end up under arrest. You ride all night to get to Daytona have dinner with a couple of drinks and the officer says your DUI. This is a story that is all too common in the Daytona Beach area. A few of the police departments in the Daytona Beach area are much more aggressive with DUI arrests. Daytona is known for the special events including Bike Week, Biketoberfest and the races. These events generally require someone to drive or ride to attend. They also generally have alcohol readily available. This combination can often result in someone who is visiting ending up in handcuffs. Combine that with trying to drive in an area you are not familiar with and the chances of getting pulled over for not using a blinker or driving erratically skyrockets. On the bright side vacationers have been getting arrested for DUI in Daytona Beach for years and the Daytona Beach DUI attorneys and prosecutors know how to deal with these cases. Most Daytona Beach Vacation DUIs can be resolved without ever setting foot in Daytona again. You can hire an attorney over the phone. Your appearance can be waived by a local attorney and if the case cannot be knocked out it can be resolved with a plea and waiver or plea in absentia. The only time you would have to come back to Daytona is if your case was set for trial or your testimony was required for a motion. Most of the time motions can be argued without your presence and often the case can be resolved without a trial. If probation is required it can be done by mail. Often the DUI will be reduced to a reckless driving as long as the facts are not extreme. Always remember that your DUI citation in Florida serves as a valid license for 10 days after arrest. You must request a formal review within 1o days to avoid an automatic suspension of your license.  If you are arrested for a DUI in Daytona Beach while on vacation contact former Daytona Beach DUI prosecutor Kevin J. Pitts at (386) 451-5112. Offices in Daytona Beach and Sanford.
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