Brevard County Suspended License Ticket Attorney

If you are accused of driving on a suspended license in Brevard County you are not alone. In 2013 over 4,239 Brevard County driving on a suspended license with knowledge criminal citations were issued.  An additional 2,300 Brevard County civil citations for driving on a suspended license without knowledge were issued.  Driving while license suspended with or without knowledge are commonly referred to in the court system as DWLS's with and without.

Regardless of why your license was suspended, Brevard County suspended license lawyer Heiko Moenckmeier understands that your primary concern is getting your driving privileges reinstated and your license back, and staying out of jail (probably in that order). If this has happened to you or a family member you should immediately contact Attorney Heiko Moenckmeier or Kevin J. Pitts. We focus a significant portion of our time restoring your driving privileges, and we will be able to navigate you through this time-consuming and scary process.

Driving while license suspended without knowledge citations are civil, and you are subject to 3.0 points on your driver's license if convicted.  We know how to get these convictions overturned, and in the majority of cases, are successful.  Overturning old convictions are essential to overturning suspensions, and we know how to do it.  Civil DWLS without knowledge convictions can be used as the basis to deem a person a Habitual Traffic Offender.  If someone is deemed a Habitual Traffic Offender, and is caught driving without a valid license, they can be arrested and possibly convicted for a Felony driving offense.  Any combination of three (3) civil or criminal DWLS convictions within 5 years can form the basis for Habitual Traffic Offender status.  You will most likely only find out about being deemed a Habitual Traffic Offender or that your license is suspended by way of a letter from the Department of Motor Vehicles.  It is important that you contact us immediately upon receipt of this letter.  Many times, we have successfully prevented a licensee from being deemed a Habitual Traffic Offender or from having their license suspended, based off of our quick actions and motions to the Courts.  If you have received this letter, call 321-549-7894 and speak with attorneys Heiko Moenckmeier and Kevin Pitts now.

Criminal driving while license suspended with knowledge are considered enhanceable offenses.  Thus, your first conviction is a second degree misdemeanor (up to 60 days in jail), your second conviction can become a 1st degree misdemeanor (up to 365 days in jail), and two prior convictions can be used as the basis to prosecute the charge as a third degree felony (5 years in prison).  Criminal driving while license suspended with knowledge is one of the easiest ways to go to jail in the State of Florida.  There are defenses, however, including suppressing the identity of the driver due to a bad stop, or a constitutional rights violation, as well as the defense of necessity, or lack of knowledge.  

We have handled over a thousand driving while license suspended cases over our careers as defense attorneys.  Call now for your free consultation: 321-549-7894.  Don't wait, as time is of the essence with many of these cases, and the more time we have to craft your defense, the more likely it is that the outcome of your case improves significantly and without jail time.  We handle cases in Viera, Melbourne, Sebastian, Palm Bay, Titusville, Cocoa Beach and the surrounding areas.    

Some Reasons For A Brevard County Suspended Driver’s License Ticket Or Arrest:

  • Too many points on your license
  • Speeding
  • Non Payment of Toll Violations
  • Running red lights
  • Non Payment of Traffic Citation(s)
  • Child Support
  • DUI
  • Breath test refusal
  • Drug Suspension
  • Theft Conviction
  • Designation as a Habitual Traffic Offender
  • Racing