Daytona Beach Cocaine Possession Attorney

Regular possession of cocaine in Daytona Beach is classified as a third degree felony punishable by up to  5 years in a state prison 5 years on probation and $5000 fine, unless you have been released from prison within the last two years, in which case, the penalties increase, depending on which designation the State Attorney’s office chooses to pursue.  Other cocaine charges are more serious, such as sale of cocaine, sale of cocaine within 1,000 feet of a school, college, park, or other specified areas, trafficking in cocaine (depending on amount, there are minimum mandatory prison sentences and more serious felonies.)

Can I Fight A Daytona Beach Cocaine Possession Charge

Some of the defenses that are used to successfully defend against cocaine possession are that you didn’t know it was there or didn’t have dominion and control over it. This is otherwise known as constructive possession.  Additional defenses include illegal stop, search, or seizure was conducted, or that the warrant was invalid on its face.  These are called Motions to Suppress, and are used to protect and uphold your constitutional rights to be free of unwarranted government searches of your home, vehicle, person, papers or effects.  There are other defenses as well.  Attorney Kevin J. Pitts knows how to successfully suppress warrants, confessions, and evidence, and if the officer’s actions are illegal Mr. Pitts can get your case thrown out.  You need to know if these cocaine possession defenses apply to your case.  

Even if the cocaine is found on your person, there are certain procedures that the officers have to follow, which only an experienced Daytona Beach cocaine possession attorney would know to look for.  Even if you admitted it was yours, we could fight whether you were illegally seized or if you illegally waived your Miranda Rights without proper warning or the waiver was the result of acquiescence to force.  You need an experienced Daytona Beach cocaine possession attorney to review your case and develop a defense strategy for your case.  Call attorney Kevin J. Pitts today for a free consultation at 386-451-5112.  

Experienced Volusia County Cocaine Possession Attorney

Attorney Kevin J. Pitts started his legal career as a Volusia County prosecutor in Daytona Beach. After just over 2 years as a prosecutor Mr. Pitts went into private practice handling criminal defense and traffic cases. Attorney Kevin J. Pitts has handled thousands of criminal law cases and devotes 100% of his practice to criminal defense, criminal traffic defense and civil traffic defense. Mr. Pitts has the experience and past success that you need to get the best possible result in your case.  Call 386-451-5112 to set up a consultation with Daytona Beach cocaine possession attorney Kevin J. Pitts.  Your initial consultation is always free.