Daytona Beach Juvenile Attorney

We often see good kids in Daytona Beach getting themselves in all kinds of trouble.  Kids just don’t always act like adults.  Something might appear to be a good idea and ends up getting them into a situation that can negatively impact their future.  Middle school and high school students tend to act without thinking things through like an adult. Children push the boundaries and learn from their mistakes on their way to becoming productive adults. In the past parents would get a call from the school or police and the child would be disciplined at home. Unfortunately those days appear to be over in Daytona Beach and the surrounding areas. Now if a teenager makes one wrong step they can be hauled off to the juvenile detention center and fighting to avoid a criminal record. A juvenile criminal charge should not prevent a child from achieving his or her goals in the future. Common charges we see in Daytona Beach and the surrounding areas include:

  • Juvenile Drug Possession
  • Juvenile Marijuana Possession Under 20 Grams
  • Juvenile Marijuana Possession Over 20 Grams
  • Juvenile Sale and Delivery of Marijuana
  • Juvenile Possession of Paraphernalia
  • Juvenile Possession of a Fake ID
  • Juvenile Sexual Offenses
  • Juvenile Grand Theft
  • Juvenile Retail Theft
  • Juvenile Petit Theft
  • Juvenile Criminal Mischief or Vandalism
  • Juvenile Battery
  • Juvenile Domestic Violence
  • Juvenile Fleeing and Eluding
  • Possession of Alcohol by a Minor
  • Underage DUI
  • Zero Tolerance or .02 Violation

Juveniles are not adults and should not be treated like adults under Florida’s criminal laws.  Florida law takes this into account and has a separate system for juveniles.  Under Florida law the goal in adult court is to punish and deter future crimes. Rehabilitation is a distant secondary goal. The goal of juvenile court is to rehabilitate.

This distinction is codified in Florida Statute Section 985.02.  Florida law wants to protect the community from juvenile crime but they also want to rehabilitate the child. If a child is arrested in Daytona Beach, South Daytona, Ormond Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Port Orange or the surrounding areas in Volusia County the community will be better protected by rehabilitating the child.

If your child has been accused of a crime you need a Daytona Beach juvenile criminal defense lawyer who can help your child.  Daytona Beach Juvenile Attorneys Kevin J. Pitts and Kelly Johnson have the experience you need to get the best possible result. Our attorneys have experience as former juvenile prosecutors, former adult prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys. Attorney Kevin J. Pitts started his legal career as a Juvenile prosecutor in Daytona Beach.

Juvenile diversion programs like Daytona Beach teen court and other alternative dispute resolutions can get the charges dropped. If diversion is not an option and the chances of prevailing at trial are slim our experienced Daytona Beach juvenile defense attorneys understand how to negotiate for a charge that can be sealed in the future. It is very important to dispose of the case in a manner that allows your son or daughter to seal or expunge their Florida criminal record later. To set up a free consultation with our Daytona Beach juvenile defense lawyers call 386-451-5112 today.