Daytona Beach No Motorcycle Endorsement

A Daytona Beach no motorcycle endorsement charge is a second degree misdemeanor with a maximum sentence of 60 days in jail, 6 months of probation and up to a $500 fine plus court cost. The reality is that this is a classic fix it ticket. If you are able to obtain a valid motorcycle endorsement or show that your home state does not require a motorcycle endorsement the case will likely be dismissed or reduced depending on the surrounding circumstances. The question you need to ask in deciding to retain an attorney is does it make financial sense for you to go to court while you obtain a motorcycle endorsement or is it better for you to have an attorney to waive your appearance while you obtain the endorsement. An attorney can almost always get your case reduced or dismissed without you ever stepping foot into a courtroom. Even if the charge sticks it can be resolved by a plea and waiver or plea in absentia. If you are visiting the Daytona area from out of town it will likely save you money to hire a Daytona Beach no valid motorcycle endorsement attorney to resolve the case for you. For local clients an attorney can keep you out of court while you get the necessary class completed and endorsement on your license. This will save you the hassle of court and allow you to avoid missing work. Attorney Kevin J. Pitts handles all types of traffic cases in Volusia and Seminole County. Mr. Pitts is also a Daytona Beach DUI defense attorney. Contact Kevin Pitts today to set up a free consultation.