Flagler County Trafic Ticket Attorney

One of the first concerns people have when they get a Flagler County traffic ticket is the fine. The cost of traffic tickets in Florida is high and has been increasing for years. The biggest cost of a Flagler County traffic ticket is not the immediate fine but the collateral consequences that can come from paying a ticket. The first thing that can happen when you pay a ticket is your insurance rates can increase. Points will be assessed on your license and if you have had a few recent tickets your license could be suspended. If you pay a Flagler County suspended license ticket your license could be suspended for 5 years if you have 2 other qualifying offenses within the last 5 years. A driver's license suspension can increase insurance rates even more. If your license is suspended SR-22 or high risk insurance might be required. The most common tickets we see are: Flagler County speeding tickets, Flagler County red light camera tickets, Flagler County driving on a suspended license without knowledge tickets, Flagler County careless driving tickets, Flagler County stop sign tickets, Flagler County red light tickets, Flagler County fail to yield right of way tickets, Flagler County improper lane change tickets and Flagler County failure to obey a traffic control device tickets. If you receive a traffic ticket in Flagler contact Flagler County traffic ticket lawyer Kevin J. Pitts at 386-451-5112.