Flagler County Violation Of Probation Attorney

Probation is difficult. The ways you can violate your Flagler County probation are almost endless.  There are two basic types of Flagler County probation violations. People either commit a "technical" violation of their probation or they commit a "new law" violation. Generally the court is harder on new law violations than technical violations but a no bond warrant is possible with any violation of probation.

Technical violations can come in many forms. Common examples of a technical violation are: failure to pay fines, costs or restitution, failure to complete community service hours, failure to meet your probation officer when required to do so, failure to complete a court ordered programs such as a DUI school or anger management class, failure to obtain or maintain employment, failing a drug test, and just about anything else that your probation officer can think of to violate your probation in Flagler County.

New law violations occur when you are on probation and you get arrested and/or charged with another criminal offense. A "new law" violation can result from any new arrest or charge. One minor slip-up, like driving without a valid driver’s license can turn into a probation revocation, no bond warrant and a jail or prison sentence. Therefore, since the consequences of a Violation of Probation are severe, you should always have an experienced Flagler County violation of probation attorney working for you.

Flagler County VOP attorney Kevin J. Pitts has the experience you need to get the best possible result in your Flagler County violation of probation case. As a former prosecutor and defense attorney Mr. Pitts has handled hundreds of Violation of Probation cases in criminal traffic court, misdemeanor court and felony court. Mr. Pitts has the experience to be able to evaluate your case and have a good idea what the Judge or prosecutor is going to be looking for. Sometimes the consequences of a Flagler County violation of probation (VOP) can be minimized before you go to court. Many times this will result in the State of Florida or the Judge allowing a reasonable bond, reinstating probation or in some cases dismissing the violation.

One of the biggest consequences of a Flagler County violation of probation is that you can be held without bond. It is not uncommon for probation violators to sit in jail for days or weeks before they get in front of their Judge. Flagler County violation of probation attorney Kevin J. Pitts help you or a family member get a bond hearing set on your case and can expedite the process in an effort to get you out of jail and back to your family or job. Your Judge has options once you violate probation. You can be reinstated on probation, receive a county jail sentence or go to state prison. Contact Flagler County violation of probation attorney Kevin J. Pitts today to ensure you or a loved one gets the best possible outcome as soon as possible. Attorney Kevin J. Pitts handles criminal defense, violation of probation, traffic and DUI cases.