Lake County Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense by a Former Prosecutor

Have you been charged with a crime in Lake County? If so, it is important that you act quickly and retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer to protect your name, reputation, freedom and constitutional rights. Lake County criminal defense attorney Kevin Pitts has extensive courtroom experience and an impressive record of achieving positive case results. As a former state prosecutor Mr. Pitts understands both sides of the courtroom and how to create the best defense for your case. If you believe that you are being investigated for a crime or if you have already been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, it is important for you to call Lake County criminal defense lawyer Kevin Pitts immediately. Mr. Pitts can help protect your rights and fight for your freedom. When working with an experienced criminal defense lawyer, you can be confident that your rights are being protected. Attorney Kevin Pitts has the experience you need to fight the accusations against you. Our firm handles every criminal charge, from misdemeanor offenses like DUI and Domestic Violence Battery all the way up to Sexual Battery (rape) and Drug Trafficking.

Lake County criminal defense lawyer Kevin Pitts can provide you with a free, confidential consultation to help you understand the penalties you are facing. Mr. Pitts knows that when you are charged with a crime, you are facing a fight to keep your job, protect your reputation in the community, and maintain your freedom. A conviction can tarnish your reputation and can result in fines, probation, jail or prison. Mr. Pitts will act swiftly in an attempt to have the charges against you dismissed or reduced as soon as possible. Mr. Pitts has handled cases throughout Central Florida as a former Florida prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. Call 352-508-7575 for a free case evaluation.

Drug crimes also make up a significant portion of Lake County criminal defense attorney Kevin J. Pitts’ practice. If you have been charged with trafficking in marijuana, cocaine, heroin, Oxycontin, MDMA (ecstasy) or any other illegal substance, you need an experienced Tavares criminal defense attorney on your side. It is important to know that depending on the weight of the substance you were caught with, there may be a minimum-mandatory prison sentence involved of anywhere from three years to a life sentence. Because of this, it is important to have a skilled Clermont drug trafficking attorney on your side.

The bottom line is, if you have been charged with any crime in Lake County, criminal defense attorney Kevin J. Pitts is able to help. As a former prosecutor, Mr. Pitts has the experience on both sides of the courtroom – which means he knows what arguments the state will make, and how to counter those arguments. Remember, as a criminal defendant, you have rights. Mr. Pitts will protect those rights. Attorney Kevin J. Pitts has offices in Daytona Beach and Sanford for the convenience of our clients in Central Florida. To find more information on your charges and how you can retain the services of our firm, contact FClermont criminal defense attorney Kevin J. Pitts today. Call 352-508-7575 to set up a free case evaluation.