Lake County Criminal Record Sealing Lawyer

When someone is arrested or charged with a crime in Lake County for committing an offense such as a second degree misdemeanor or all the way up to a life felony, a record available to the public will be made and maintained by the Clerk, State Attorney’s Office and local law enforcement. This is true even if you are not booked into jail. For those that are affected by a criminal record it can be one of the most exhausting things to deal with. Having a record that prevents you from getting a job in your chosen field can be devastating. Lake County criminal defense lawyer Kelly Johnson understand how people can be prevented from getting the job they want, promotion or apartment because of a prior petit theft or battery committed years earlier. If adjudication of guilt was withheld these problems can be fixed by talking to Lake County Record Sealing Attorney Kelly Johnson.

If adjudication has been withheld most cases in Florida can be sealed. Sealing the record hides it from public view. This can help you with job applications and obtaining an apartment. If you have adjudication withheld for offenses listed in 907.041, F.S. you are not eligible to have your record sealed. These are typically violent felonies, sex crimes, arson, aircraft piracy and terrorism charges. The most common offenses that causes problems with record sealing are domestic violence and stalking charges. Stalking and Domestic violence are also about the only misdemeanors that adjudication can be withheld and still not allow your record to be sealed.

Are you eligible to have your Lake County record sealed?

Lake County record sealing attorney Kelly Johnson will evaluate your case to verify your eligibility to have your record sealed. Under Florida Statute 943.059 an individual is allowed to have their record sealed if adjudication has been withheld on the crime they wish to seal and have no prior adjudications of guilt. They must also have never had a prior seal or expungement in Florida or any other State and their crime cannot be one prohibited by 943.059.

What Has to be done to get my Lake County record sealed?

Because there are several steps that must be taken in the process, we recommend hiring an experienced Seminole County record sealing lawyer to help you through the process. The steps to obtaining a record sealing are:

  1. Complete the application accurately and sign it in front of a notary public.
  2. Obtain and include a certified disposition for the case you want sealed.
  3. Get fingerprinted on an FBI fingerprint card or the card included in the seal packet by an accredited law enforcement agency. All information must be filled out on the form correctly.
  4. Include a $75 money order with the packet to Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

Once all the application information has been submitted to the FDLE we wait. Then sometimes we wait some more. The slowest part of the process is waiting on the certificate of eligibility. FDLE is usually backed up around 6 months. Eventually FDLE will send us a certificate of eligibility notifying the Court that you are eligible to have your record sealed. Our Tavares record sealing attorneys can then file a petition for seal with the division your case was in. Upon the Court granting our petition the court will order all agencies involved in your arrest or case process to seal your record. After waiting 10 years after your record has been sealed we can navigate a similar process to have your record expunged.

It is important to follow all of the procedures correctly. A sealed record is very often the difference between being hired for a job or having your resume pushed aside. Clermont record sealing lawyer Kelly Johnson is available to help at 352-735-4342.