Orlando Bond Hearing Attorney Orlando Bond Reduction Lawyer

In Florida if you are accused of a crime you will be brought in front of a judge within 24 hours of being arrested. This is known as a first appearance. The defendant has a right to an attorney at his or her first appearance. Bonds can be set high as a result of the lack of knowledge available to the court and the limited time court appointed attorneys have at first appearance. Hiring a private attorney makes sure that your loved one will have an attorney that understands their situation and can present evidence to the judge to reduce the bond amount. It is important that you seek representation as soon as possible in an Orlando case. Having a skilled Orlando bond hearing attorney could mean the difference between your loved one being released on bond while pending trial or awaiting trial in jail at 33rd street. In large bond cases requesting a bond hearing could save thousands of dollars. In Florida everyone accused of a crime is entitled to a bond hearing. Everyone is entitled to a reasonable monetary bond unless the crime is punishable by life (PBL) or death, the case is a violation of probation or the accused is such a danger to the general public that the general public cannot be protected if the defendant is released. The state must file a motion and convince the judge to hold the accused if the case is not a violation of probation or punishable by life or death. In Orlando, many crimes are given a standard bond based upon the bond schedule. However, there are times when a motion to reduce bond needs to be filed or an Orlando bond hearing must be held. This often happens when the crime is one which does not automatically entitled the individual to bond or if the bond is just too high. It is extremely important that you have an attorney who will be prepared to go into court and fight for a bond. Orlando bond hearing attorney Kevin J. Pitts is an attorney who has the experience to handle detention hearings and get the results your friend or family member needs. Mr. Pitts can help your loved one get out of jail and get their life back to normal as soon as possible. Factors considered in an Orlando bail hearing are:

  • Family history:
  • Ties to the community
  • Prior convictions (or lack of prior history);
  • Prior failures to appear in court (or lack of);
  • Risk of fleeing to avoid prosecution;
  • Financial resources;
  • Character;
  • Mental condition;
  • Any other facts that may assist the court in setting or reducing the bond.

To learn more about the bail bonds process go to bail bondsman. The accused has two options to get out of jail. The first is a cash bond that requires someone to pay the entire bond amount. The second is to use a bail bondsman that requires someone to pay the greater of $100 per charge or 10%. The bondsman will tie up less money on the front end of the case. This can be a good thing when preparing to hire a criminal defense attorney.