Orlando Warrant Attorney

In Orlando you can get a warrant for your arrest for multiple reasons. Some of the common reasons that an Orlando warrant is issued include; failure to appear warrant, violation of probation warrant, arrest warrant and warrants for failure to pay a fine or court cost. Once you find out you have an Orlando warrant one of the first things you need to know is if you have a monetary bond. If you have a bond the warrant can be cleared up a couple different ways. An Orlando warrant attorney can file a motion to recall or set aside the warrant or capias with your judge or by stipulation with the Orange County State Attorney’s office, set up a turn in date by filing a motion to surrender, if the bond is too high an attorney can file a motion for a bond reduction hearing and if you do not have a bond Orlando warrant lawyer Kevin J. Pitts can file a motion to set a reasonable bond. If you have a no bond warrant you should contact warrant attorney Kevin J. Pitts as soon as possible. The Orange County jail is the size of a small city. Having an attorney that understands how to clear up a warrant in Orlando can reduce your time in jail by getting the process started before you go into custody. It is not uncommon for an inmate without an attorney to be in custody for weeks before having a court date. The other option to resolve a warrant when you have a bond is to do what is called a walk through. The bondsman can get the warrant of your back but this does not resolve the case. Hiring an Orlando attorney after a walk through helps ensure that you will not get another warrant on your case. Orlando warrant attorney Kevin J. Pitts can make arrangements to clear up your warrant and minimize the inconvenience and cost for you. Call warrant attorney Kevin J. Pitts to discuss your options in dealing with your Orlando warrant at 407-883-6853.