Osceola County DUI Attorney

If you have been arrested for a Kissimmee DUI, find out YOUR DEFENSES for YOUR CASE.  Driving under the influence varies in punishment, and is split between blowing over a .15 or under, or a refusal to blow, or if it is a first, second (minimum 10 days in jail if convicted), or third within 10 years (a felony), 2nd outside of 5 years, or 3rd or more outside of 10 years.  The only defenses you need to know are for your case.  Talk to Osceola County DUI lawyer Heiko Moenckmeier on his cell phone at 407.504.1384 to find out more about your case.  Consultations are free and confidential.

Are there defenses to my DUI?

Yes, there are defenses to DUI's.  Suppression Motions, Motions In Limine, Motions to Dismiss, Motions to throw out the breath test results could all be utilized in your case, although the success of those motions vary depending on the evidence, the prosecutor, the witnesses, and the Judge.  Call attorney Heiko G. Moenckmeier at 407.504.1384 to discuss possible strategies to mitigate, reduce, throw out, or go to trial on your Celebration, Kissimmee, St. Cloud or Osceola County DUI (driving under the influence).  

What about my license?

I may be able to get your driver’s license back so YOU DON’T LOSE IT!  (If you call me within 9 days of your arrest & release, exceptions such as previous DUI convictions or prior refusals may apply- the DMV has a separate process by which you can waive your formal hearing, or request a formal review hearing- you would need to consult with me before you make that decision, and I would walk you through the process.)

Do you have experience with DUI'S?  What kind of lawyer are you?  Can we go to trial?

Yes, we can go to trial on your case, once we have reviewed all of the evidence and videos that the State has and you consciously exercise your Constitutional Right to Trial.  I have litigated hundreds of misdemeanor and felony DUI’s and have spent thousands of dollars to be up to the minute on the latest developments in defending DUI cases in Florida.  I have defended cases from Tallahassee to Miami and everywhere in between, and have the knowledge, experience, and success to know that I can help YOU.  I have taken DUI cases to trial and won.  I have had them thrown out due to my motions to suppress.  I have had my clients cases dismissed because I want to go to trial and the prosecutor wasn’t able to.  Call 407.504.1384 now for a free consultation with an actual attorney.  Don't talk to an assistant.  We have over 15 years experience handling DUIs in Central Florida including Osceola County as defense attorney and prosecutor.  

An Osceola County DUI is serious and should not be handled alone.  Jail is a realistic possibility in an Osceola County DUI. If you are accused of an Osceola County DUI, you should contact Osceola County DUI attorneys Heiko Moenckmeier and Kevin J. Pitts at 407.504.1384.