Palatka Violation of Probation Attorney

Putnam County Florida judges often consider probation to be a privilege instead of jail. When probation is violated in Putnam County the accused needs a Palatka violation of probation attorney on their side. Jail is common on a violation of probation and a no bond warrant is a possibility. If probation is violated the accused does not have the right to fight the case out of custody. This is not something you should wait for without taking action. A skilled Putnam County violation of probation attorney can take steps to avoid the accused being held in jail without bond. Contacting an attorney before the warrant is executed can help minimize jail time by allowing your attorney to schedule hearing time in advance. This shows the court that you are not a flight risk and that you take the matter seriously. Palatka violation of probation attorney Kevin J. Pitts is a former Florida prosecutor that focuses his practice on criminal defense. Probation can be violated many different ways but the violations fall into one of two broad categories. The most serious is a new law violation of probation. This happens when someone on probation is arrested for a new criminal charge. The other type of violation is a technical violation. Technical violations are usually things like testing positive for illegal drugs, missing an appointment or non-compliance with a condition of probation. Regardless of the type of violation you need a Palatka violation of probation attorney. When probation is violated the judge can issue a capias or arrest warrant to place the accused in custody. The state is not required to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt and the accused is not entitled to a jury trial. Considering these facts, this is not something you want to handle on your own. Putnam County violation of probation attorney Kevin J. Pitts can get you into court on the first available hearing date, argue for release on bond or for a bond reduction, negotiate for a reinstatement of probation instead of incarceration and can challenge the evidence against the accused. We handle all Putnam County violation of probation cases. If you are accused of a VOP in Palatka or Putnam County call attorney Kevin J. Pitts today at 386-451-5112. The initial consultation is always free.