Seminole County Driving With A Suspended License Attorney

A Seminole County driving while license canceled, suspended or revoked case can have collateral consequences that might not be apparent when entering a plea. Not all driving while license suspended cases are the same but they can all count as a strike towards making you a habitual traffic offender. You have two types of driving while license suspended cases. A Seminole County driving while license suspended with knowledge is an enhanceable criminal offense that count as a strike towards becoming a habitual traffic offender. The first offense is a 2 nd degree misdemeanor, the second offense is a 1 st degree misdemeanor and the third offense can be charged as a 3 rd degree felony. The other type of suspended license case is driving while license suspended without knowledge. This is a payable traffic ticket. Many people unknowingly pay a Seminole County suspended license ticket to find out a few months later that their license is suspended for five years as a habitual traffic offender. The way this happens is that the payable traffic ticket version of a driving while license suspended without knowledge ticket can count as a strike towards becoming a habitual traffic offender. If adjudication is withheld the citation does not count as a strike. An experienced Seminole County driving with a suspended license attorney can help you avoid a habitual traffic offender designation. Seminole County suspended license attorney Kevin J. Pitts focuses his practice on traffic cases. Mr. Pitts has handled thousands of traffic offenses as a former prosecutor and defense attorney. Mr. Pitts is also a  Seminole County DUI defense lawyer. Contact Kevin Pitts today to set up a free consultation.

It is essential to make sure your Seminole County driving on a suspended license case is handled correctly. A mistake can result in serious collateral consequences. Even prosecutors do not want a driver to be designated a habitual traffic offender and in most cases steps can be taken to avoid the 5 year license suspension. Many suspended license tickets in Seminole County are fix it tickets. The exceptions are drugs, DUI or theft suspensions. The types of license suspension cases can carry a jail sentence. A skilled suspended license attorney can find potential defenses and can present your case in a way that mitigates the severity of the offense. A skilled defense, combined with client mitigation can often avoid jail. Attorney Kevin J. Pitts understands how to get the best possible result in a driving while license suspended case. Contact attorney Kevin J. Pitts for a free consultation at 407-883-6853.