Seminole County Retail Theft Attorney

A Seminole County retail theft, petit theft or grand theft case can have lasting consequences if proper steps are not taken. If you are a juvenile, student, adult, or parent of someone accused of Seminole County shoplifting you should speak with theft lawyer Kevin Pitts.  Often steps can be taken to minimize or eliminate the long term effects a theft charge can have on your record. In retail theft cases and petit theft cases in large chain stores you will likely be exposed to the shake down. The shakedown starts out with a letter saying you must pay $200 to prevent a civil lawsuit. The next letter will demand more money, have a stronger tone and a shorter time period to pay. The civil penalty is allowed by statute but actual civil litigation is extremely rare.

Many of the consequences of a Seminole County retail theft case are considered collateral consequences. A collateral consequence is not always apparent when the case is resolved. They are not part of the sentence but occur as a result of a theft charge on your record.Many Seminole County petit theft and retail theft cases will be resolved with moderate sanctions as long as the accused has minimal criminal history. Seminole County theft attorney Kevin Pitts can discuss potential collateral consequences and the options you have to mitigate them.

Fines and restitution can be assessed if convicted of a theft charge or if adjudication is withheld. Probation and/or jail is also possible depending on the accused’s criminal history. In Florida a theft conviction can result in a suspension of your driver’s license. Many careers will be less likely or may be unable to allow you to work if you have a record of theft. Some professional licenses might be revoked or may not be obtainable with a record of theft. Theft can have a negative impact on university admission. A theft conviction can also cause problems with renting or leasing an apartment. A theft conviction can also be a reason to not allow property rental or merchandise rental. Withholding adjudication can remove some of the Florida collateral consequences but the federal government may not recognize the withhold. Theft charges can have serious consequences on immigration status and multiple theft charges can be treated as an aggravated felony subject to deportation under federal law. A theft conviction can also be used to impeach future court testimony in Florida and Federal court as a crime of dishonesty. Seminole County retail theft attorney Kevin J. Pitts can help minimize the impact of a theft charge on your future. Attorney Kevin J. Pitts handles Seminole County petit theft, Seminole County retail theft and Seminole County grand theft cases. Call today to set up a free consultation Seminole County DUI attorney and criminal defense lawyer Kevin J. Pitts.