Sumter County DUI Attorneys Kelly Johnson and Kevin J. Pitts

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Sumter County Florida (including The Villages DUI arrests, Wildwood DUI arrests and Bushnell DUI arrests) you need to call us now at 352-508-7575.  If you call within 10 days from the date of your arrest we may be able to get your driving privileges reinstated.  That is only if you contact us within the first few days after your arrest.  The option to get a hardship license or a formal review hearing ends after the 10th day from the DUI arrest. If steps are not taken within 10 days your license will be suspended in almost all DUI cases. The only exception is urine tests without a refusal of a breath test and breath test under .08% without a refusal of urine. (see below)
Accused of a DUI in Sumter County Florida means that you are in for the fight of your life and you should hire experienced Sumter County DUI attorney Kevin Pitts and associates to help fight your case.  There are multiple defenses an experienced DUI attorney can argue for you to help mitigate your DUI, reduce your DUI, or even get your DUI case dropped.  We are experienced DUI Trial Lawyers and are willing to take your case to trial to get the best possible result.  Call 352-508-7575 now for a free consultation with an actual Sumter County DUI attorney.  Attorney Kevin J. Pitts and associates have over 15 years of criminal defense and DUI experience. As former prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys they have handled hundreds of DUI cases throughout Central Florida.
All Sumter County Driving under the Influence case are serious, even if it’s your first offense it should not be handled alone.  Our attorneys understand how to minimize the impact of a DUI allegation against you. If defenses are not raised a DUI conviction can increase insurance rates for years costing thousands of dollars. The State can request that a machine be placed on your car forcing you to blow into it to keep your car running. The monthly fees for the interlock machine can quickly add up. For The Villages DUI cases 2 of the standardized field sobriety exercises are not reliable for adults over 65. The only reliable test requires substantial additional training for the officer to testify about it in court. Most officers in Florida are not Drug Recognition Experts so they cannot typically testify to the HGN or the only reliable exercise for individuals over 65.
If this is not your first offense, or if there was an injury or death involved, jail or prison is a realistic possibility in Sumter County.  Attorneys Kevin J. Pitts and associates (352-508-7575) have litigated hundreds of DUI's including DUI's with property damage, kids in the car, felony DUI, DUI with great bodily harm, DUI under the influence of heroin, cocaine, oxycodone, and marijuana throughout Central Florida. Our attorneys understand what it takes to get DUI cases reduced or dismissed in Sumter County.
As of July 2013 a waiver is available for first time DUI cases. This only involves the administrative suspension of your driver's license and a decision must be made within 10 days. With the change in the law it is important to speak with an experienced DUI attorney that can explain the advantages and disadvantages of the new administrative waiver. If action is not taken within 10 days your license will be automatically suspended and the waiver is no longer available.

The counties in Central Florida all treat DUI cases differently. Some counties have diversion programs and other counties reduce DUI cases to reckless driving if you are close to the legal limit. Lake County wants to convict you of DUI- they do not have diversion and don’t reduce your case unless the prosecutor is concerned about evidence being suppressed or losing at trial.

Call us today for your free consultation with The Villages DUI attorney Kevin Pitts at 352-508-7575. Kevin Pitts is an experienced DUI attorneys and former DUI prosecutor.
Hiring a skilled Sumter County DUI attorney with experience handling DUI cases can help level the playing field for you. An attorney can file motions to suppress the stop, detention, arrest, field sobriety exercises, refusal and breath test if proper procedures are not followed. The risk of evidence suppression improves the odds of getting a reasonable offer from the Assistant State Attorney in your case. If evidence is suppressed your chances of winning at trial can be drastically increased and in some cases the prosecutor cannot go forward. Each case is unique and the only way to make sure your rights are protected is to discuss your case with a Sumter County DUI attorney Kevin Pitts. Call The Villages DUI attorneys Kevin J. Pitts and Associates today.