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We stay ahead of any changes in the law or case studies that can be a benefit to our clients. Check our blog for regular updates on Florida traffic laws, penalties for misdemeanor and felony traffic offenses, and other factors that can come into play during your traffic case.

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  • Daytona Beach Stop Sign Attorney Volusia County Stop Sign Lawyer If you are accused of running a school bus stop sign in Volusia County paying the citation can result in increased insurance rates and points for years after the initial ticket. Contact Volusia County stop sign ticket attorney Kevin J. Pitts to discuss your options to minimize the impact of a ticket.
  • Daytona Beach Reckless Driving Seminole County Reckless Driving A recent statutory change is adding sanctions to Daytona Beach reckless driving pleas. It will also apply to Seminole County reckless driving cases and Florida reckless driving cases. If you have been arrested for a Daytona Beach reckless driving or Seminole County reckless driving contact Daytona Beach reckless driving attorney Seminole County reckless driving lawyer Kevin J. Pitts
  • Driving Without Headlights Florida DUI Stop If you are stopped for driving without headlights your rights might have been violated.