Vacation Arrest

Generally speaking in Florida after first appearance you have three phases of a case. Arraignment is where you are called into court to be read the charge and enter a plea. You have three choices of pleas: guilty, no contest and not guilty. Guilty is saying you did it, No contest is saying you do not want to fight it and not guilty is saying you did not do it. If you plea not guilty you can change your plea at a later date. The Law Offices of Kevin J. Pitts can waive your appearance at arraignment saving you a trip to court. After the arraignment the case is set for pre-trial. At this point The State has usually had enough time to respond to discovery. After receiving discovery (the documents The State has that they intend to use against you or that is favorable to you) your defense attorney should have a better idea of the strength of the State's case. At pre-trial you again have an opportunity to plea guilty or no contest either on that date or at a later date. You also can plea not guilty and announce that you are ready for trial or not guilty and request a continuance. A continuance gives you more time to prepare the case for trial, research the law to file motions, negotiate with the state or just get your affairs in order to plea. Attorney Kevin Pitts can fill out the appropriate documents to waive your appearance at pre-trial. If an agreeable resolution is reached on misdemeanor case a plea and waiver can be drafted and the case can be resolved by mail. For a felony plea your presence would be necessary. Attorney Kevin Pitts can negotiate with the prosecutor to try to get you a Pre-trial intervention (PTI) or diversion if you are eligible. Some felonies are reduced to misdemeanors. If your case is eligible for diversion or is reduced to a misdemeanor your personal appearance would not be required. It is possible for your case to be resolved without returning to Florida. Contact Criminal Defense Attorney Kevin Pitts for more information. Attorney Kevin Pitts is a Daytona Beach DUI and criinal defense lawyer. Mr. Pitts also handles Seminole County cases.